Abandoned Taiwan - Coming Soon

Abandoned places often create a mysterious feeling that stimulates the imagination; mind and sense in a way that makes you look at things differently and question them. Abandoned Taiwan explores the countries modern ruins from old time homes and clinics scattered alongside the coastal areas to theatres, temples and industries such as textiles, timber and sugar factories that once played an important role in many peoples’ lives.


Matt Bushell has been travelling Taiwan and Kinmen (a Taiwanese island located just three miles from mainland China) throughout the past few years documenting places that have been punished by time as nature slowly reclaims these buildings often portraying a dystopian world. The photographs in this book have a powerful way of portraying this world through visual images, capturing a moment in a forever-changing future.

Abandoned Taiwan Scheduled for late 2021 / Pages: TBC / Page size: 320mm x 270mm / Hard Cover

The book will be available in book stores (worldwide) and online / Pre-orders will be available Mid 2021

Jonglez Publishing, Paris, France

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