Abattoir of the South

This New South Wales abattoir opened in 1938, operating as a large beef abattoir in rural Queensland. The plant was located on the border so as to take advantage of rail lines from neighboring states.

In 1947 a fire broke out destroying timber, and several rails in the railway sliding there were badly buckled. The fire which was thought to have been caused by a spark from one of the furnaces. In 1952, a worker was killed while he was shunting. At the time of the incident, he was hand shunting a wagon of hides at the siding when he applied the brake and apparently tripped and was jammed between the wagons on the platform. 1982 saw the closure of the plant and nature has found its way in with several plant and weeds thriving, mould covers the floors and in some area’s the roofing has begun to give way.

At the time of my visit I spoke to the owners who are concentrating their energy on opening the rail line back into town, although there are no future plans to reopen the abattoir.

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