Billiards Wing

The rendered brick Georgian homestead sits tucked away on a hilltop in Brisbane, built in 1865 the home offers 360 degree views out to the city. The house was sold several times over the years and in the late 1960s, the residence was sold and converted into apartments. Most of the original features remain in each apartment, however the billiards wing, a separate dwelling at the back of the property was not included in the conversion. A fire swept through in the late 1990s destroying much of the interior and causing the roof at the western end to collapse.

The small three room dwelling sits about a yard or more away from the main residence and is sunken into the hillside. The flat roof has elaborate balustrading around the top and would have been used to serve meals and drinks. Stairs at either side lead down to the ruin that is slowly being consumed by nature.

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