The Theatre

The theatre was built in 1925 and operated as an open-air picture theatre comprising of an earth-floor enclosure, a canvas screen at the rear and a shallow building along the street frontage containing a foyer with a projection booth above it. At the time, this was a common structure throughout the warmer parts of Australia. During the 1950’s the theatre underwent major changes when it was sold. It was converted into an indoor theatre, although it retained it’s earth floor, such conversions were made to shelter patrons and improve sound quality.

Further more, in the 1960’s the theatre was extended substantially, toilets were added and a raked timber floor was installed. In the 1970’s televisions came to the area and reduced attendance, as it had elsewhere. The theatre was last used in 2001 and the site amazingly still retains its early carbon arc projectors, superior sound system and canvas stretcher chairs.

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