Madken Foundry

The Foundry’s first plant was opened in Sydney, and slowly spread it’s wings across Australia opening plants in South Australia, Melbourne, Newcastle and Queensland. The Foundry manufactured licensed products in the form of railway couplers and under-carriages. 

Following the great depression, demand slowed and their main business of supplying railway requirements slowed. As World War II began, The Foundry’s production switched to armament casting, aerial bombs, naval gun parts and tank hulls and their grand achievement, the development of the one-piece cast tank hull. After the war Australia needed to rehabilitate its neglected railways and the introduction of diesel electric locomotives and higher speed and larger capacity for freight train were key forces behind the companies growth. Throughout the 1960s and 70s The Foundry continued to expand on its export success. Through out the 1980s and to present times the company entered the mining industry and saw further growth.

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