Black Gully Maltings

A complex of buildings were erected in several stages, throughout 1897 to 1907. The 1899 and 1907 buildings are remnants of what was a large floor malting operation. The large site once consisted of several buildings that ran along the river, the malt-house, a brewery tower and residential accommodation and two bluestone kilns that were constructed in the late nineteenth century. The oldest surviving buildings, has two levels with the lower level partly below ground. In the centre of each is a furnace which provided the heat for the drying process which took place on the upper level. Machinery for processing grain is located on timber platforms at different levels connected by timber stairs. In some areas the timber floors are no longer safe to walk. Water leaking from the roof has caused the timber to deteriorate and a portion of the roof at the northern end of the main building has caved in.

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