Memories of Australia - Coming Soon

Memories of Australia Spring 2021 / Pages: 320 / Page size: 320mm x 270mm / Hard Cover

The book will be available in book stores (worldwide) and online / Pre-orders will be available mid 2020.

Schiffer Publishing, Pennsylvania, United States

Among the cobwebs and the light that streams through broken windows, the nature that invades and quickly reclaims tells us, ‘I have a story’. As industries change, buildings often get left behind, what happened, why are they no longer in use and what’s the story behind these places? The photo’s in this book provide a photographic recording of the buildings and how they have been ravaged by time. Abandoned buildings often stand in their original form, without the intervention of human interaction, that gives the building a sense of inertia, a sense that the space is a mausoleum of sorts, a fantastical in-between space, not quite a heterotopia, or parallel space. There is a tension exhibited by how we briefly interact with these buildings – they are discovered, observed, photographed and documented, a part of urban architecture that many people will never see. It is important to have a photographic record of the buildings such as the factories, amenity buildings, transport and houses that once played an important role in shaping our culture, communities and country. All of these vacant buildings once had significance, in one-way or another, and every place has a story of its past, its present state and in some cases, a plan for the future.

As a photographer, it is important not only to explore places physically, but to focus on the architecture, the fittings, the furniture and the debris that is strewn across these spaces, but also to include the content about the stories they tell, their settings, the nostalgia and the memory that make up these abandoned landscapes. As time passes they have a growing significance as relics of a disappearing life, especially how the nearby landscape inside and around them change. Such changes can be seen where whole towns have been abandoned due to the demise or collapse of local industries. 

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