Portland Cement Works

Portland cement factory and lime quarry (New South Wales) began operating in the 1890s. In its prime it was considered one of Australia’s most successful cement manufacturers and lime quarries. Over the years, the site expanded with new buildings to help cope with demand.

Many of the buildings from the first decade have been demolished, but those that remain are an important relic of Australia’s industrial heritage. The last major change was after 1991 when the site was sold and the plant was gradually closed down.

Buildings that remain on site today include the Boiler Room, Power House, Machine Shop, Administration Building and Laboratory among a few others. The site was recently sold again, the buildings have been cleaned up and host monthly markets, art galleries, events and provide artists studio space.

Bottle Kilns - The only remnants of cement production from this era, originally 4 kilns stood here, 2 of them have been demolished.

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