Sacred Heart Church Ruin

The remains of this church lie jumbled on a hillock on the Penang side of the Kedah state line at Pagar Tras. Once the church was visible for miles around. It had a congregation and rang with song. It’s been silent for decades. First empty, then stripped, now collapsed. The Sacred Heart of Jesus was built by a French Catholic missionary in 1882 to replicate the famous Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. On a much smaller scale, of course.

The last worshippers are decades gone and the abandoned church has been left to the mercy of the elements for about 80 years. Among the crumbled ruins a single bell tower survives, with a tree growing on top.

At the top is an information board with a faded photo showing how pretty the church used to be over a century ago when it had a regular congregation of largely Chinese-Hakka immigrant farmers.

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