TV World

TV World was formerly used by the Television Corporation Of Singapore (TCS) in the nineties as the production venue of local period dramas. It occupied a land size of about four football fields, and was constructed in 1990 to look like Singapore of the fifties and sixties. Inside the premises, there were buildings that resemble old cinema, railway station, fire station, church, mansions and traditional shophouses. Three main streets run around the buildings, and a man-made river was also built for filming purposes. 

The TV World was given up after TCS was restructured into Mediacorp in 2001. The production of local period dramas were also reduced in the 2000s, and were filmed, if required, at the Caldecott Broadcast Centre, Malaysia or China. After its closure, TV World premises were taken over by the Singapore Police Force as their Tactical Training Village for special forces.

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