Wangi Wangi

The post modernism former coal-fired power station was constructed in the late 1940s over a 10 year period and operated between 1956 and 1986. Initially the station was a project of the railways with control being transferred before its completion to the Electricity Commission.

The western end of the building was divided in two, A station housed three 50 MW Persons turbo-alternators and B station three 60 MW Peasons units. Coal bunkers fed down towards the coal mills for crushing, with B station, coal was fed directly into the stockers. Bunker conveyors ran on the very top of the building. However, all the rollers remain, but the belts have been removed along with the greater part of the generating equipment removed in the early 1990s, there is very little that remains.

The eastern end of the power station stretches up six levels and is an intense network of rooms and hallways where the showers, control rooms, offices and laboratories are located, these areas have been cleaned out and very little remains.

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